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Walker Claims

The Walker Property lies within the Wollaston-Mudjactic transition zone (WMTZ) of the eastern Athabasca basin, which is host to the highest-grade uranium mines in the world, including:


The WMTZ hosts the highest-grade uranium mines in the world including (Figure 1):

• Cigar Lake1, 50% owned by Cameco, which hosts reserves of 221.6 million pounds (lbs.) of U3O8 at 16.7% U3O8
• McArthur River2, 70% owned by Cameco which hosts reserves of 392 million lbs. of U3O8 at 6.91% U3O8
• Wheeler Project3, 90% owned by Denison Mines which hosts reserves of 109 million lbs. of U3O8 in two deposits averaging 11.23% U3O8.

Regional Geology and Mineralization

In Saskatchewan, uranium deposits have been discovered at, above and up to 300 metres below the Athabasca group unconformity within basement rocks. Mineralization can occur hundreds of metres into the basement or can be up to 100 metres above in Athabasca group sandstone. Typically, uranium is present as uraninite/pitchblende that occurs as veins and semi-massive to massive replacement bodies. Mineralization is also spatially associated with steeply dipping, graphitic basement structures and may have been remobilized during successive structural reactivation events. Such structures can be important fluid pathways as well as structural or chemical traps for mineralization as reactivation events have likely introduced further uranium into mineralized zones and provided a means for remobilization (Jefferson, et al. 2007)

Marvel still controls 100% of the Highway North and KLR claims (Figure 3). These claim groups straddle the Key Lake fault zone, an important corridor for structurally controlled Athabasca-basin-type uranium deposits. The Arrow deposit4, owned by NexGen Energy, lies along a similar structural corridor as the Marvel properties. The Arrow deposit, which has undergone a positive feasibility study with robust economics contains probable reserves of 239.6 million pounds of U3O8 at an average of 2.37% U3O8 and measured and indicated resources of 256.7 million pounds at an average grade of 3.1% U3O8. The Arrow deposit is the largest undeveloped uranium deposit in Canada.

Walker Claims (Uranium Project) image 1
Classic uranium deposits of the Athabasca Basin at the unconformity between the Athabasca sandstone and crystalline basement within the WMTZ. The Triple R, Eagle Point, Cluff Lake and Arrow deposits are found within basement rocks of the Crystalline Granulite Domain in the western Athabasca Basin. The KLR and Walker properties lie within the basement rocks just south of the former Key Lake Mine within the WMTZ. Source Searchlight Resources.
Walker Claims (Uranium Project) Uranium property 09
Location of Walker JV and the Highway North and KLR claim groups along the Key Lake Fault with prominent VTEM conductor trends.