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Management Fraser Rieche Carmanah

Fraser Rieche

CEO, Director

Mr. Rieche holds a BA in Economics and boasts 25 years of expertise in international project management, logistics planning, and corporate finance. He has collaborated with resource-based industries and global financial institutions to develop and finance projects in mining, alternative energy, oil and gas, fisheries, and forestry. Additionally, Mr. Rieche serves as an independent director for Marvel Discovery Corp.
Management Brian Crawford Carmanah

Brian Crawford

CFO, Director

Mr. Crawford, CPA, CA, holds a B. Com. from the University of Toronto and brings extensive experience as a senior financial executive. He has held positions in both public and private companies and has served as a partner in a national firm of chartered professional accountants. Brian is a founder and/or co-founder of several companies currently listed on the TSXV (TSX Venture Exchange) or the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange). Presently, Brian serves as a Director, Corporate Secretary, and/or CFO of multiple TSXV or CSE listed companies, which include Colibri Resource Corporation, Searchlight Resources Inc., CBLT Inc., and Tempus Capital Inc.
Management 1689996965807

Michelle Suzuki


Mrs. Suzuki has dedicated the past 25 years to serving as an advisor, specializing in publishing and media relations. Her expertise lies in managing investor communication campaigns for Canada’s largest digital content providers. Throughout her career, she has worked with numerous C-Suite clients across North America, ranging from life sciences, technology, to mining companies.

In the Canadian markets she is widely known for her experience in these fields working with many top CEO’s, Senior Investor Relations Executives, Investment Broker Dealers and Newsletter writers on digital syndication helping educate on the importance of Mining and the future of the industry.

Jordan Smith


Mr. Smith previously worked for Imperial Metals at the Mt. Polley mine site, situated 56 kilometers northeast of Williams Lake. He then joined New Gold Inc. as an underground maintenance technician at the New Afton mine, located 17 kilometers west of Kamloops. In 2012, he transitioned to the power generation industry and served as a facility manager for over seven years, overseeing all operations. Currently, Mr. Smith is involved in the hospitality sector as a principal of the Bow and Stern restaurant group in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.
Management Karim Rayani

Karim Rayani

Strategic Advisor

For the past 18 years, Mr. Rayani has been focused on financing both international and domestic mineral exploration and development. Currently, Mr. Rayani is a principal of R7 Capital Ventures Ltd., an investment family office firm with a diverse portfolio covering Natural Resources, Energy, Cleantech, Renewables, and Health related ventures all with a focus on Public Venture Capital. Prior to this, he worked independently as a Management Consultant and Financier. Presently, he also serves as Chief Executive Officer, Director of Falcon Gold Corp., Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Power One Resources Corp., Chief Executive Officer, Director of Latamark Resources Corp., Chief Executive Officer, Director of Marvel Discovery Corp., Chairman, Director of District 1 Exploration Corp., and Chief Executive Officer, Director of Auvega Labs Inc.